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***This brewery is now closed, stay tuned for further information***

If you decide that you wish to take a trip to the brewery that creates this great white beer. If so the  following information will be of great help to you,

The Brewery Tour
The De Kluis Brewery, the makers of Hoegaarden, run tours of the fascinating world of Hoegaarden, starting from their beer garden. On the tour you will learn about all the stages of the brewing process, the history, and tasting of the white beer. Also at the end of the tour you shall learn how to draw a glass of the beer yourself and then you shall be allowed to relax and drink in a tavern typical of the area.
The tour is described in one brochure as,

"a tour that is interactive, educational and playful."

  • Leave at exit 25 on the Brussels to Liege motorway.

  • Turn right onto the Hoegaarden road.

  • Continue driving for 1.3km to the 2nd roundabout.

  • Take a right onto the N221 towards Hoegaarden.

  • Continue for another 1.3km to the crossroads.

  • Take a right onto the Tienen (Tirlemont) road, also part of the N221.

  • Continue 500 metres to more crossroads.

  • Turn Left towards Hoksem.

  • "De Brouwerij Hoegaarden Kouterhof" is just 600 metres further on the right.

  • Enjoy yourself on a wonderful tour of the place where the great beer started.

Useful Information

  • The brewery is open every day from 10.30 to 18.30.

  • It's located at Stoopkensstraat 24, Hoegaarden.

  • Information and bookings can be found at. or alternatively phone 016/76.98.23

  • Price of the tour is a mere 3.80 (153 Belgian Francs) for adults and just 2.50 (101 Belgian Francs) for under 25's.

  • A B/trip ticket is available at all Belgian Railway Stations and the price includes train, bus and entrance fees.

All information above taken from a promotional leaflet for the  Hoegaarden brewery. Privacy Policy Provided by